are adorned with two of my favorite things: positive/inspirational quotes and pictures of my family. It’s funny how a few words can set up your role in this life. For me, it was the words I came across years ago (in some magazine I can’t recall and quoted by some famous person, again whom I can’t recall) that gave me my role in life. But, the words struck a chord in my heart and have been my song – and passion – ever since.

“To give a child wings gives life a great purpose.”

I’ve devoted my life to being a positive role model and fully present and involved aunt to my eight biological nieces and nephews and the many other honorary nieces and nephews in my life. I’ve traveled to be at almost every special event (births, baptisms, graduations, holidays) just to show the kids how much they mean to me.

And from the day they were born, their wee little eyes learned how to adjust to a camera flash. I’ve documented, through the lens on my camera, their achievements, their proudest moments, their quiet family moments and so many other random, yet memorable, times. Someday, when they are old enough to appreciate the sentiment that is photo history, they will hopefully cherish this legacy I leave them. Love. Cherished time together. And pictures to capture those moments that will never come again. – Cherí


lives in Sacramento with her canine child, Annie. Her free time is spent traveling to visit her family, spending time with her family of friends and children and photographing their memories.

As a breast cancer survivor, Cherí is actively involved in sharing her story and raising awareness about breast cancer. She is Vice President of the Board for the Gina Marie Dayton Guardian Angel Foundation (www.ginamariedayton), in honor of her dear life-long friend who tragically lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 37.

Cherí also is very active with the Sacramento awareness group Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation (www.albieaware.org). This organization was instrumental in helping to save Cherí’s life upon diagnosis at age 34.